Dancing On Canvas

A Course That frees your brush strokes from ALL expectations.


Professionally creating art since 2005.

Energy in Every Stroke

A dancer has the ability to connect her body to the sounds of the music and the energy of her emotions. This course is for dancers that want to try a new medium, and artists that want to make their creations dance. Have you ever had a great idea in your head but once it was on the canvas it didn’t have the same energy of your original idea? Using paint on canvas this course guarantees a playful exploration of color and movement that will teach you to carry the energy of your inspirations into your artwork. At the completion of this course your finished artwork will leave you feeling confident and satisfied, on and off the canvas.


April has over 13 years professional experience as a certified K-12 Art Teacher.


April is a certified fitness coach and soon to be 200RYT yoga instructor.

Delivering Value

Creative Journeys

When we dance, the journey itself is the point.

~ Alan Watts

Delivering Value


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