April Quast. 

Artist, Inspirer, creator.

Photo By Erica Fitzgerald of ELFotography.com

The Secret

I see The Music

The world around me is like music to my eyes, and when music inspires my soul, I dance! I use my art, my movements and my wild imagination to inspire new perspectives and a growing connection to my truest self and the surrounding world. 

I dance on canvas.

Dance is about expression and soul; it is about moving as a reaction to how my senses respond to the music and my emotions.  I create colorful abstract art because the world around me is beautiful, every detail offers a musical energy, that demands my reply. This is how I Trust Different.

I Trust Different.

Trusting different is about trusting the difference in yourself.  This crazy art is about overcoming doubt and boldly showing the world my vibrant perspective of its details.

Challenging The Expected

This Art Is For You

Choreographing Colors

On Canvas

I am an artist from Glastonbury, CT.  My art is for everyone that has a song in their soul and a spirit that moves them. With my art, I strive to share my passion for color, dance and movement with the world. 

I draw my inspiration from the small details of beauty that embellish the world, I use these inspirations to choreograph colors and figures that dance on the canvas. 

As you experience my work try to bring yourself beyond finding the legs, arms, and heads of the figures. Instead, contemplate the influence of the energy involved in shaping the figures.  Where does the figures end and the energy begin?  What connections and energies are choreographing the movements you see before you? 

Allow yourself to Trust Different.

When you allow yourself to see the music, I hope that my art can bring you to feel that nature dances through you as well as around you.  I invite you to choose bold colors for your home that will match the colors in your dancing soul. Trust your spirit and allow yourself to dance. 

Dance! Breathe! Move!



…that all that is needed to light a roaring flame is a tiny spark of passion.


Have A Song

…that dances in your soul and a spirit that moves you. 


see the music

…and feel how nature dances through you as well as around you. 


are Connected

…to the energy and positive vibrations that surrounds you.  You choose art that fuels this connection.


Are Confident

You understand that homes are for free expressions, not first impressions.


Trust Different

You trust that differences are strengths and everyone has a different impact to live.


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