Set the Stage To Make the Hard Changes Easy.

April Quast

Professionally creating with love and soul since 2005.

The Solo

Changes are hard and scary, but they don't have to be made alone.

The Solo is a 1-on-1 meeting designed to offer you individualized support and guidance so that you can bring clarity and simplicity to your actions.

Your 1-on-1 power hour, is all about your solo-dance, everything from your introduction to your victorious bow. The Solo starts with a conversation and continues with a partnership.

Solos, although performed individually, are not achieved without clarity, accountability and support. 

Do you have changes you have been putting off?

The Solo Is For Busy Women Like You

looking for a creative way to make your changes happen.


This is about your dreams

With soul searching and purpose fulfilling all the buzz, dreams can feel more like an unattainable destination.

This destination mentality is about always reaching, it is about traveling a long winding road and never quite holding your dreams in your grasp. So, instead of taking a road trip, I’m inviting you to dance.

Dance, because life is not about finding your purpose, it’s about living your impact. Your dreams are not in the clouds, they are built on your simple actions and small changes. Dance, because when you listen to the music, you live in that moment, and when your actions happen within moments you can live your impact right now. You can live your dream instead of reaching for it. 

The world needs your impact, and I’m here to help you make the hard changes easy.

Do you feel like you are
dancing your solo or
juggling a circus act?

As a mom of 3 and a woman who has a creative mind that just never stops, I understand that feeling of trying to juggle every hat you wear. I understand you, Ms. Dreamer. I understand that as you are juggling your hats it can bring a great deal of comfort to watch your dreams float around in the clouds. Up there your dreams are at a safe distance, up there they can’t interrupt your life with changes, challenges, or disruptions, but up there they are not in your hands.

I want you to stop the circus act and start dancing, because this is a bad time.  Yup, you read that right. I want you to drop your hats to the ground and look down at your feet because this is now, not because now is easy. It’s time to question every hat in your hand and disrupt your routines and challenge your normal. It’s time to dance, because dance invites presence. 

The Solo is your safe place where you can dare to make inconvenient changes, challenges and disruptions, because small changes combined with guidance and support are how you can stop the circus act and start dancing your solo. Do you want to stop the circus act?


You Are the Star of the Show

So Stop questioning
your qualifications

You are the star of this show! You are qualified, because your impact is unique to you, and the world needs it from you now.  Don’t let your dreams float safely around in the clouds, because you want to wait for a better time or because you believe that the opportunities are there for someone else.  Join me. The world needs your impact because it is different.  Trust Different, and remember that the world needs your difference. Remember, if the world has a need, then that need must be filled.  Don’t let fear and doubt tell you that someone else is already doing it or that they are doing it better. The world needs your impact from you, right now.

I’m so excited to be offering the Solo right now, because all of your changes: the hard ones, the scary ones, the fun ones, the healthy ones and the long overdue ones are ready to be made. I’m excited to be offering the Solo right now because with support and guidance, a bad time becomes the right time. Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone on your side to help you to clarify your chaos and simplify your efforts so you can live your impact and dance your solo? A one-on-one opportunity like this is rare, especially at this price!

I'm here to get you started.

I’m here to guide you through soul-nourishing questions, because it is your answers to these questions that help you find a place to start.

This is Your hour.

This hour is your escape, your time to daydream out loud, because when your dreams have clarity, getting started becomes easy.
Don't Hesitate. Your Dance is Waiting.




The hour simply kicks it all off. . .


Here's What's Included

  • An Alluring Goal Outline $85 Value

    Receive a beautifully designed goal-outline that not only highlights our key discussion points...It is also pretty to look at.

  • 30 Minute Follow Up $75 Value

    one 30-minute follow-up planning meeting ($75.00 value)

  • 30 Days of Actionable Steps $300 Value

    You will receive a 30 day plan that you can implement instantly. Think of it as your solo's choreography.

  • 30 Days of Accountability Check-ins $300 Value

    Because what good are actionable steps if you don't actually take action. Look at that...your hour just added a whole month's value to your investment.

  • Exit Interview $75 Value

    What happens after 30 days? Your free exit interview will help paint the picture of what comes next.

This course offers a $995.00 value at a price that can’t last.

Get it now for only $97

"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
Andy Warhol
This offer ends March 15, 2012 or when all 10 spots are filled.

Your solo is about

Trusting Your Different


Living Your Impact

This is your opportunity to tune into what you need, when you need it the most,
because if you want a different result. . .
it’s time to make a different choice.

The spring is such an exciting time of year saturated with newness! I’m so excited to be launching this brand-new program, because its “newness” will open opportunities for you and for me.  There is so much happening in the spring, (including my Spring Preview Show) but I’m offering this course to you now, because I know that when you have dreams, they just can’t wait.  In an effort to make sure I am balancing my own busy. . . 

Registration will be closing on
March 15, 2021 
I can only accept 10 private clients
before closing the registration for "The Solo" until the fall.  

You might ask:

"Well, April, if you are so busy, why not just wait until the fall?"

And I’ll tell you:

I’m launching now, because anything new needs time and care to grow.  I know that if you have changes you have been trying to make; you have already had these changes tugging on your heart strings for a while now.  This makes you the perfect person to test it all out.  I’m inviting you to take action now, to do what you have been wanting to do already. I’m inviting you to take advantage of this discounted price, to participate in a program that is at its building-block-stage.  This curriculum is jam-packed with valuable content and will not be available at this price in the future.   

Start Your Solo.

It's as easy as 1•2•3


Just Click

If you have stuck with me  this far, than you must be ready to set your dreams into action or. . .


. . .you are strategically procrastinating. . .


Either way your dreams are waiting!




Schedule It

Wondering what will happen when you finally click that button? You can expect to be directed to the check out page where you will finalize your purchase.  Next you will receive a pretty little welcome email.  You’ll have your people call my people and our calendars will be marked with a cute little cloud (or moon) signifying the date that your dreams started to become your reality.



This isn’t going to work if you don’t.  I totally understand that there are right-times and wrong-times to start new things. Only you know if this is the right time for you.  If you know you want that solo, then it’s time to go for it.  Remember, you don’t have to have anything figured out yet, you just have to be ready to take those first steps out onto the stage.



Set the stage